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British  Evangelist Jonathan England aka "The Ukulele Evangelist" started preaching whilst still a teenager back in 1992.  Actively ministering since then, he has preached around England and as far as the United States.

Jonathan is a Young Earth Creationist, specialising in Astronomy and does seminars and events  around the country. He demonstrates how science is in complete agreement with the Bible, in whatever field and that it's message of salvation  can be trusted and its warnings heeded!!


Alongside Preaching and teaching he also has a music ministry singing and playing the Ukulele or Banjolele.

Jonathan England Ministries (J.E.M Ministries) is highly proactive with the motto “What are you doing for Jesus Today?” 


Over the years, the Church in Great Britain has been highly re-active, letting those groups who oppose the Church take more and more ground.


J.E.M Ministries exhort and equip the Church to not rest on the laurels of what great Godly men in the past have done, or what we ourselves might have done yesterday, but "What are we doing for Jesus Today"?!


If every Christian did one thing for Jesus once a day, and made Jesus number one in their lives, this Country would be transformed overnight.

J.E.M  aim to reach the lost through effective and powerful preaching, music and media.  Jonathan seeks to do this in a wide variety of ways and locations, such as in Churches, Star Party's, Seminars, Village Halls, Open Air Witness, Beach Missions, Barn Meetings, Farm Walks, Christian Car Cruise nights, Movie Nights and Concerts and more...


Help us achieve that goal by inviting us to your church, praying for the ministry, asking how you can get involved,  or come along to one of our events or services.


May God Bless you as we work together in building the Church of Jesus Christ.